Black Lory

Black Lory           This lory averages 12" (30cm) in length. One of the rarities of the parrot world, a nearly 100% black bird. The under tail is red and yellow. Young birds have red feathers scattered throughout the plumage.

          This species - along with its cousins, the Yellow-streaked C. sintillata sintillata another very beautiful lory with a dark green body set off by bright red forehead, lores (the region between the eye and bill on the side of a bird's head), thighs, underwings and the underside of the tail. The green parts of the plumage are covered with electric yellow streaking; and the Duivenbode's C. duivenbodei which is mostly dark brown. The head is has a golden yellow ring around the face. The forehead is yellow. Underwings and thighs are bright yellow. There is a violet/blue patch on the lower back.

          These three probably are among the best of pets. They crave human attention and love to rough house, but are also very gentle. Noise can be a factor, especially when excited, such as at feeding time, but their personalities greatly over come this negative. Handfed babies of all three species are in great demand as pets, but there is a shortage of female Duivenbode's, so when possible sex should be determined and hens held for breeding. In my opinion, any of these make one of the best of the larger lories for pets. (Description by Dick Schroeder - Owner of Cuttlebone Plus & Expert Breeder / Keeper of Lories).

          Black Lories as Pets

          Black Lories are said to be amongst the gentlest and best natured of the lories. They are easily tamed. Their obvious drawback is the shrill cries they often emit. Not everybody can tolerate them.

Black Lory