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Dr. Bhokin Bhalakula and Parrots


Introducing a Unique Educational Experience for Primary School Children

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          Protecting animals from the threats of global warming and deforestation is undoubtedly a subject of debate amongst pupils worldwide. In Thailand, there are controversial issues regarding animal protection. Few Thai people have ventured to advocate and actively pursue courses of action to protect animals under threat of extinction. Consequently, educators face the challenge of providing children with relevant, first hand experience in witnessing how extinct animals can be protected in secure and thriving environments.

          Dr. Bhokin Bhalakula, a well respected and prominent figure in Thai society, has devoted the last 25 years to protecting wildlife under threat of extinction by creating the Macaw Breeding and Research Centre. As a result of years of research The Centre has accumulated the expert knowledge necessary to successfully construct a parrot sanctuary with two purposes in mind – protecting the health, welfare and longevity of these animals, and educating children with a view that when they grow up they may actively participate in preventing such beautiful creatures from becoming extinct. The Centre has developed an educational programme for primary school children. This programme is ideal for a day field trip and is particularly relevant for topics such as: habitats, the rainforests, parrots, global warming, and other related areas.

          The entry fee is 200 Baht per child. This entry fee includes: bird, fish and swan food, a snack and soft drink for the children. The proceeds will go solely to the upkeep of the sanctuary and care of the parrots living there.

          The sanctuary is located in Chacheangsao, approximately a one hour drive from Bangkok.

          For more information about this educational programme and to make tour bookings please visit

          Many species of rare and exotic parrots have gradually become extinct because their habitats have been destroyed by deforestation. Nowadays, global warming adds more threat to them across the globe. Deforestation in return is causing global warming. Dr.Bhokin Bhalakula has dedicated years studying and observing exotic parrot life in all corners of the globe. For the past 25 years he has educated himself on the dangers these birds face. Over two decades ago, Dr. Bhokin had the insight to know that exotic tropical parrots would be in great danger. In light of this, he has become an expert in the care, breeding and protection of a variety of rare birds.

Suanpalm Farmnok houses different species of rare and exotic parrots from South America, Africa, Asia and Australia. The farm is one of a kind in Thailand and has the most educational and extensive display of these animals. Visit the farm and learn about the many different species which are currently under threat of extinction, witness how a parrot is born from an egg to chick to fully grown adult. Roam freely in the large, natural habitats created for these beautiful creatures so that they may survive and thrive happily in a safe, clean and protected environment.

          The children of Thailand are lucky to have Suanpalm Farmnok accessible to them. They can visit the farm and see first hand species of birds they may never see in their lives. Hopefully children who visit this wonderful and exciting place will carry with them a very important message: save our planet, save the beautiful and delicate creatures of our planet. Perhaps children of the future will aspire to protect exotic birds and other forms of wildlife just as Dr. Bhokin has done and will continue to do for the sake of generations to come.

          Protecting Animals from Homelessness and Extinction

          Dr. Bhokin’s long term, dedicated study of exotic parrots has enabled him and his associates to develop a breeding centre at Suanpalm Farmnok. Breeding is a process which helps to perpetuate the life of the birds which are under threat of becoming extinct due to deforestation of rainforests across the globe. At the farm children will be able to witness the development of a bird from its embryonic form to its earliest days of life. The experts of the farm will explain how these exotic creatures are bred and the protective conditions in which they must be cared for in order to survive the first crucial six months of their lives. The farm’s staff handle each and every bird with the utmost care and provide the best nutrition possible to ensure the birds can safely enter the rainforest habitat built for them at the farm. All of the birds reach full maturity at the farm and go on to live happy, safe and healthy lives.


Supakorn Bhalakula


             Tour of SuanPalm Farmnok

             to book a tour please visit our website at

                    10:00 am                   Arrive at Suanpalm Farmnok

                    10:00 -10:15             Introduction to the Bird Farm (Orientation)

                    10:15 – 12:00           Tour of Breeding Centre

                                                        Tour of Exotic and Rarest Species of Birds

                                                        View the Macaw in their Natural Habitat

                    12:00 – 01:00 Lunch / Free time around the farm


                    Entrance fee per child is 200 Baht.

                    Lunch will be provided by the school.

                   Water will be available at the farm.

                   Children and teachers can eat lunch in the lakeside house bordering a lake filled with fish, black and white swans and other exotic bird life.

              Food 45 Bath/person

                   1. Fried rice vegetable with sausage

                   2. Fried chicken wings


                   1. Chocolate chip cookies and small banana